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Oooooh my god

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Mon Oncle, Jacques Tati (1958).

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I never understood how wizards in the hp universe were confused by Hermione’s parents being dentists???? Do wizards not have dentists?? Do they have spells to cure gingivitis?? Do they even know what a toothbrush is?? Wizards are disgusting

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once I watched a top surgery for a ftm trans person on a plastic surgery show, I was like “how are they going to handle the blurring?”. the way they chose to deal with it was to unblur the person’s chest after the final snip in the surgery. Nothing highlighted the ridiculousness of the double standard more than that- it was literally the exact same nipple. 

That’s a pretty strong metaphor for the transition into male privilege

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so. I visited my cousin’s apartment today

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Loras and Renly won’t stop fooling around

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During Job interview: I love working with people, I’m very outgoing, social, I’m very patient and I love to help in any way I can, and I also think the customer is always right and deserves to be treated with respect 

After Job interview: 


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makeup at john galliano s/s 2010

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